Weekend WIP and Christmas Shopping

Oh, weekend, how fast thou doth flee! After working seven days straight (mostly 2nd shift), I was in need of some serious rest. I spent Saturday vegging out binge watching Mountain Men and cross stitching…and had about a five hour “nap.” Today I binged Keeping Up With Appearances and NCIS- all of course while cross stitching.    Dad’s present is coming along, but I’m beginning to think that this will be more of a Christmas present. These colors are making me daydream of Fall weather! Sweaters! Hot tea! The smell of falling leaves! …BUT speaking of Christmas, I bought all my Christmas presents today (well all but one)! I just need to make them; almost everyone is getting a Mill Hill ornament this year. YAY, homemade Christmas! Very proud of myself that I will most definitely get all my presents finished in time.

And speaking of presents, my mom bought me a lovely pair of Gingher scissors as a “Happy Employment” gift. 🙂 I’m in love with them.

Also to brighten any impending Monday blues, here is an angry Bilbo picture. This was taken by my boyfriend after he gave Bilbo a bath. He said that no matter what he said or did Bilbo refused to look at him! We swear he’s part cat or was raised by them before we adopted him!

 Happy stitching!

10 thoughts on “Weekend WIP and Christmas Shopping

  1. Way to plan ahead for Christmas! I’m impressed! Seriously can’t believe that it’s August already. Blergh…. where did the Summer go?

    Your stitching looks great! That pic of Bilbo cracks me up.


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