A New Tradition

Left: Last year’s start. Right: Progress since yesterday.

Meet “Christmas Island Santa” from Mill Hill! I started him last year— I didn’t include him in my WIP Parade because of the small handful of stitches I put on him (see left). I picked him back up on Wednesday- it was gorgeous weather, so I took him outside.

Needed a lot of magnets because of the wind. Also…please excuse the stained outdoor table.

I’m starting a new tradition in my home. My husband loves the beach and all things nautical. I’d like to stitch all the beachy/tropical/nautical (and colonial series) Santa’s from Mill Hill so that one day we’ll actually have a themed tree that’s he’s always dreamed of. I already have a few kits to get me started. So I’m steadily working on this one: I started on Wednesday. Progress is on right. I forgot how much fun stitching on perforated paper is once you remember the feel of it.

I’m not officially participating in Maynia, but I am making a conscious effort to stitch every single day this month even if just for 10 minutes. I don’t really have any plans either- just picking up whatever calls to me that day.  I do know I’d like to start Kooler Design Studio’s “Haunted October Nights,” which is currently on its way to me via mail. I’d also like to pick up “Winter Window” again soon- still in love with it, which still really surprises me. Actually, I’m surprised about “Haunted October Nights,” too. Both are styles I never thought I’d stitch (e.g., full coverage, loads of backstitching, etc.). But when you know, you know! Surprise yourself, keep yourself on your toes: sometimes you have to branch out of your creative comfort zone.

Happy almost-weekend, stitchers! I would love to have good weather and time to hermit with my projects. I hope you all have stitching company as cute as I do:

Belle (top), Bilbo (bottom)

Happy stitching!

A Lot of Moving

Hey all! We’re almost all moved in to our new place. Belle and Bilbo love all their extra space they now have- though as you’ll see in a picture below (cringe-worthy in Bilbo’s case)- they are exhausted from running around like crazy in their new, big backyard.

Thankfully, all this change hasn’t stopped me from craftiness. First up, I’m prepping for Mirabilia’s At the Met. I got this one for Christmas, and it’s been calling to me ever since. Just waiting on some Mill Hill beads to get here. Also something new to me for this stitch- I will be stitching her skin 1-over-1. I LOVE the look of this. Saw this while browsing the evergreen needle on YouTube.

Next, Fear Not is chugging along. Almost done with the hill. Then it’s on to the fence, and then the rest of the verse, and I’ll be done! Very pleased with my color substitutions here- usually don’t do stuff like that because I get too scared to change what the pattern calls for.

I have restarted my afghan- even again since the last time I’ve said here that I had restarted. This is what it looks like on row 2 after counting each of the 300 stitches twice (sad, I know):

I have also made the duvet I had talked about in my last post. All I have to do is iron the seams, and make my bed. Actually feeling very accomplished about this one, because I can’t believe I did it. Even though it’s just some straight line, I’m still so proud of myself. Up next for my sewing machine is making cloth “paper” towels to cut down on waste. I already have all my materials. I will be using this tutorial found via Pinterest (like you do).
So a lot of great craftiness planned. Happy stitching!

Told you! 😉 Bilbo on left, Belle on right.

Adventures in Needlepoint

 Well we all knew that it would come to this eventually; I’ve started needlepoint. I was browsing my mom’s local needlework store last weekend, and it just hit me: stop being so afraid and just start! I picked up the new Needlepoint Now magazine and found the perfect design! The ladies there were wonderful in helping me gather all of my materials and explaining how to use different types of thread. Anyway- I had a ball just getting everything ready. I’m having even more fun stitching. This is “Twilight,” by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg:
 We have been traveling so much with more trips to come that the dogs are exhausted.  Visited a lot of awesome places plus a handful of knitting (The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop), needlepoint (Stitch Point), and antique shops. I found four textile mill bobbins- aren’t they pretty? I may start collecting. I also bought some beautiful wool (Mechita 850- Archangel) to use for future needlepoint projects and a new owl needle-minder— because we all need more needle-minders.

Happy stitching!

Another WIP Wednesday 


Happy Wednesday! We’re almost there! “What Lies Beneath” is coming along wonderfully. I’m debating whether or not to do the bottom of the piece (the skeleton and pottery) because the colors and scene is already beautiful. 

  Hope you have a lovely rest of the week, and happy stitching!

Catch Up

Long time, no see! Though I’ve been M.I.A., I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and WIPs during the Thanksgiving break! I’m also currently OBSESSED with reading The Spinster Stitcher‘s blog. Seriously- I’m in 2010 in her posts; she’s hilarious with lovely projects. And I feel like our dogs could be BFFs.

Things have been pretty slow stitching-wise. Other than needlework blog reading, I’ve only been able to pick up my projects a handful of times- I managed to complete the alphabet in “Fibery Friends” and started the bottom half of the piece… a few weeks ago. Still enjoying this one!   The top project on my list needs to be “Knee High” as it’s my dad’s Christmas present. I FINALLY got my missing color replaced and can FINALLY get into the home stretch on that one. When I’m off Thursday and Friday, I’m going to be INVINCIBLE and marathon stitch that project to completion (or at least very near to completion)! Well, that’s the plan anyway. 🙂 I’m sure Belle will be none too amused at having to act like a lady while I stitch for awhile. I think a trip to the dog park will be necessary for me to even be able to get any “decent” amount of stitching done.

The baby Belle

During Thanksgiving, I was able to go home and visit my parents. As always I sweet talked my mom (not too hard to do as she’s just in love with xstitch as me) into taking a trip to the local needlework store. My BF and five year old niece were our chauffeurs to make sure we behaved and didn’t go overboard there. Side note: Soon the BF will be the only sane anchor in our stitchy pursuits as my niece is a budding xstitcher and made out with quite a nice haul if I do say so myself (and I’m gifting her with more for Christmas). While there I saw “And Heaven and Nature Sing”  by Kathy Barrick and my mom caved in and bought it for me. She also talked me into trying silk threads for the first time ever for that project. I’m so excited about trying a non-cotton thread. I feel so grown up in the cross stitch world! 🙂 So I’m patiently awaiting my package of 40ct (yikes!) linen and silk thread and will begin on this endeavor AFTER “Knee High.” Really, call me out if I start this Goliath before I finish it…. In the meantime, I’m researching to death how to use silk thread so I don’t mess up.

In other crafty news, I made my own happy place- a.k.a. my own stitchy corner! I got an OttLite on sale a while ago and haven’t been able to use it as I wanted to. So I got an $8 TV table, and the rest is history. I’m serious— I’m going to hermit in this spot all Thursday and Friday.  This new arrangement will hopefully help my posture, eyesight, and amount of time I can pick up my needlework.

Thanks for reading my hefty update. I know I’m late, but I have to say my Thanksgiving “what I’m thankful for,” craft edition: I’m really grateful for this community that blogging has opened up to me. On the internet and in “the real world” if you stitch/craft, you’re automatically the best person ever to me. It’s all been one big stitchy sisterhood to share and learn. Thanks for inspiring!

Bilbo chillin’!

 So I hope some of your stitchy dreams come true this week, and Happy Stitching!

Sometimes the Best Laid Plans…Oh, Forget It

I created my stitching schedule with the best of intentions.  Ashamed to say that I have had to cut my plans very short. I will probably only end up doing three patterns. I didn’t NOT stay on schedule on purpose; stuff happens and I’m trying very hard to not beat myself up about it. I can reframe this into having more time to cross stitch for me. And that is OK- …not selfish??? Anyway, I figured that I have way too much anxiety and depression in my life that I do not need them to seep their grubby fingers into my crafting life.

So I’ve been coping with more cross stitching, a little knitting, and shuttle tatting. Looking at everyone’s posts have been so inspirational in pushing me to keep stitching. There have been days when I really just didn’t want to pick anything up.   I’m finally on the quilt flag of “Knee High”. Unfortunately, I have lost a color- the dark green of the corn stalks. 😦 Must reorder soon.
On a way more positive note, I did begin to kit up my niece’s pattern. I seriously cannot focus on “Knee High” by itself. Guess I’m just not a one pattern girl! I cannot wait to get started- it’s a cute bunny that’s cross stitching with sparkles and beads. It’s perfect for her to get inspired to keep trying cross stitching! AND I love the stitching tin- mom got it for me at a Goodwill a long time ago.

My library haul included all things fun and scary. Not too scary though because I will still freak out. So happy to get into the Halloween and Fall spirit!

 Last Saturday (the first weekend I’d had off in one month, thank you), we had to take Baby Belle to the emergency vet at 10 pm. She is OK- I’m way too embarrassed to tell you what was wrong (and super gross)- nothing a few doses of medicine can’t treat…but Bilbo has to be treated, too.

After all of that, I’m ready to curl up with some tea and relax. AND stitch.

Happy stitching!

Stitching Schedules and Planner Love

Happy Fall, y’all! It’s been a rainy start, but that’s just perfect for some stitching and reading.

I have so much to stitch before Christmas that I created a schedule:

As you can see, I’ve already had to change some dates around with whiteout, and I’ll probably have to do it again. Have you had any luck in setting dates with your stitching and actually accomplishing it?

I am working hard on “Knee High” so that it can be done by Friday (cue screechy horror sounds). I’m cross stitching in all my spare time to get this one completed. Here’s a snap of my progress during Saturday’s dinner break at work:


In non-xstitchy news, Belle is happily settling into her new home. She’s in love with Bilbo. Bilbo…he’ll get there. 🙂 She’s definitely the annoying little sister.

She follows him everywhere and won’t do anything without him. Bilbo just rolls his eyes and tries to find a spot of alone time from her.

My new obsession is designing my own planner. After research (read: devouring and pinning planner blogs), I decided on a Midori style planner and purchased a “fauxdori” from etsy. I added inserts from etsy and also Moleskine. Here’s a snap of my planner box with all the goodies. Note: Next month, I’m on an craft spending ban!

My beautiful, handmade fauxdori- “Messydori”

One of my inserts is of course a crafting notebook. I’m keeping copies of my grandma’s knitting patterns in there, cross stitch wish list, and my stitching schedule. I’m also trying to figure a good format for start and end dates, problems, stats for my xstitch projects. Any ideas?        

Last week, I also received a lovely surprise from my parents to help boost my morale. I’m in love with sunflowers right now:

Complete with Belle’s chew toy and my planner box not far behind.

I hope everyone’s Monday is wonderful and that you have some lovely xstitchy plans for this week! I hope to have an awesome progress post for WIP Wednesday. Happy stitching!


Happy Monday, Stitchers!

This weekend we drove a lot: to the beach to celebrate the BF’s birthday, doubled back to go to my parents’ to pick up Belle, and then we drove home. Driving is one of my least favorite things along with being in a car.

Luckily, Bilbo and Belle did wonderful on the car ride home.

Belle is recovering from surgery nicely. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection that is being treated with antibiotics- but happily her appetite is finally back. Also, I finally hit the realization on how much work it is to watch the puppy constantly to make sure she doesn’t get into EVERYTHING. My friends, the Labor Day organizing wasn’t enough! She likes napkins, shoes, socks, paper, the blanket you’re using, her bed, Bilbo’s bed, the carpet, table legs, your feet, her feet, and twigs. I have A LOT more puppy proofing to do.

I have made a little bit of progress on “Knee High” this past week and weekend. I haven’t started my ornaments yet, but I have made a lovely stitching schedule for them that I will share in my next post. 🙂

I’m very thankful that Belle is settling into her new home nicely and is getting her energy and personality back. She likes to follow Bilbo everywhere, but he’s not having too much to do with her at the moment. That’ll change eventually. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great start to their week! Happy stitching!

Labor Day Work

Puppy proofing the craft supplies! This was an absolute “must” to get done today. Usually books and cross stitching are everywhere, but we can’t set her up for failure. The drawers are organized into current xstitch projects, patterns, magazines; tatting and thread; and knitting needles and yarn. On top of the drawers I have more magazines and fabric, boards for mounting, and my pink tackle box of xstitch thread and supplies. I also bought another bookshelf to keep my lovely books safe. 


Mom and Dad visited her this weekend.

AND we finally have a name: Belle. ❤️ Because Beauty & the Beast. Can’t wait to have her home this week!