A New Tradition

Left: Last year’s start. Right: Progress since yesterday.

Meet “Christmas Island Santa” from Mill Hill! I started him last year— I didn’t include him in my WIP Parade because of the small handful of stitches I put on him (see left). I picked him back up on Wednesday- it was gorgeous weather, so I took him outside.

Needed a lot of magnets because of the wind. Also…please excuse the stained outdoor table.

I’m starting a new tradition in my home. My husband loves the beach and all things nautical. I’d like to stitch all the beachy/tropical/nautical (and colonial series) Santa’s from Mill Hill so that one day we’ll actually have a themed tree that’s he’s always dreamed of. I already have a few kits to get me started. So I’m steadily working on this one: I started on Wednesday. Progress is on right. I forgot how much fun stitching on perforated paper is once you remember the feel of it.

I’m not officially participating in Maynia, but I am making a conscious effort to stitch every single day this month even if just for 10 minutes. I don’t really have any plans either- just picking up whatever calls to me that day.  I do know I’d like to start Kooler Design Studio’s “Haunted October Nights,” which is currently on its way to me via mail. I’d also like to pick up “Winter Window” again soon- still in love with it, which still really surprises me. Actually, I’m surprised about “Haunted October Nights,” too. Both are styles I never thought I’d stitch (e.g., full coverage, loads of backstitching, etc.). But when you know, you know! Surprise yourself, keep yourself on your toes: sometimes you have to branch out of your creative comfort zone.

Happy almost-weekend, stitchers! I would love to have good weather and time to hermit with my projects. I hope you all have stitching company as cute as I do:

Belle (top), Bilbo (bottom)

Happy stitching!

FINALLY a Finish!

Here’s my 3rd (?!) finish of 2016:

 “Elsie,” kit by Mill Hill

This was a kit I got on my Las Vegas trip last April. I still DREAM about that store (Stitcher’s Paradise).  I’ve turned it into a magnet by backing it with card-stock. I messed up on some spots, but I think it turned out fine. The majority of this happy cow was stitched this weekend while I hermited on my couch binge watching Poirot.

Happy stitching!