Stitches in Lowcountry, SC

Hello all! Thank you for all the wedding well-wishes! It was a wonderful day and peaceful wedding, and it was short. Just back from the honeymoon and back to life: moving- packing when we still have no clue what city OR state we’re going (all interviews are in these next two weeks).

We went to Georgetown and Charleston, SC. It was beautiful and wonderful  but too muggy for me. We did so much and had some crafty encounters. The whole culture is crafty: the Gullah’s sweetgrass baskets, hammock weaving, gardens, architecture, sculpture.

I like to collect needleminders that remind me of the places I’ve been (when there is an actual brick needlework store). Vegas’ needleminder was a flamingo because they are kitschy and bold like the lovely city itself. I got an owl at our beach. This trip’s needleminder is an alligator, because they are EVERYWHERE with no fence between us and them. I have seen almost twenty of them within a three day period. Not a hyperbole, folks.


Alligator and statue at Brookgreen Gardens- Murrells Inlet, SC

We also saw beautiful colonial clothes and needlework at the Old Exchange Post & Provost Dungeon in Charleston.


Sampler- “October 13, 1795,” by Elizabeth Cobia Making- at Charleston’s Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon (sorry for glare)

I love looking at old needlework, because I feel such a pride and connection to them- whether the ladies liked to embroider or not- something I always wonder while looking at the piece (I know society’s views on such “female arts” have changed thankfully).


At Brookgreen Gardens (Old Kitchen)

Although I had a blast, I’m ready to get back to some semblance of routine (and starting to weed out and pack) and stitching. I’m also more than ready to see my dogs who are still at my parents’. Mom has had to send many pics of them and updates throughout the trip because I’m homesick for them. And yes, I FaceTime my dogs. It’s fine- my dad has made fun enough of me for the whole world. 🙂 That’s another trip THIS week! We can’t seem to stay off the road lately.

Happy stitching!

Adventures in Needlepoint

 Well we all knew that it would come to this eventually; I’ve started needlepoint. I was browsing my mom’s local needlework store last weekend, and it just hit me: stop being so afraid and just start! I picked up the new Needlepoint Now magazine and found the perfect design! The ladies there were wonderful in helping me gather all of my materials and explaining how to use different types of thread. Anyway- I had a ball just getting everything ready. I’m having even more fun stitching. This is “Twilight,” by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg:
 We have been traveling so much with more trips to come that the dogs are exhausted.  Visited a lot of awesome places plus a handful of knitting (The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop), needlepoint (Stitch Point), and antique shops. I found four textile mill bobbins- aren’t they pretty? I may start collecting. I also bought some beautiful wool (Mechita 850- Archangel) to use for future needlepoint projects and a new owl needle-minder— because we all need more needle-minders.

Happy stitching!


Happy Monday, Stitchers!

This weekend we drove a lot: to the beach to celebrate the BF’s birthday, doubled back to go to my parents’ to pick up Belle, and then we drove home. Driving is one of my least favorite things along with being in a car.

Luckily, Bilbo and Belle did wonderful on the car ride home.

Belle is recovering from surgery nicely. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection that is being treated with antibiotics- but happily her appetite is finally back. Also, I finally hit the realization on how much work it is to watch the puppy constantly to make sure she doesn’t get into EVERYTHING. My friends, the Labor Day organizing wasn’t enough! She likes napkins, shoes, socks, paper, the blanket you’re using, her bed, Bilbo’s bed, the carpet, table legs, your feet, her feet, and twigs. I have A LOT more puppy proofing to do.

I have made a little bit of progress on “Knee High” this past week and weekend. I haven’t started my ornaments yet, but I have made a lovely stitching schedule for them that I will share in my next post. 🙂

I’m very thankful that Belle is settling into her new home nicely and is getting her energy and personality back. She likes to follow Bilbo everywhere, but he’s not having too much to do with her at the moment. That’ll change eventually. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great start to their week! Happy stitching!

Vegas Adventures, Or There and Back Again: A Stitcher’s Tale

Hello! It has been quite a while! Went on an awesome trip to Las Vegas, and now back at home where the job search must continue!

Vegas was awesome. It is a very misunderstood city; there is way more to it than the Strip. Bf and I did the Strip for maybe a day and a half, but te desert is what captured our hearts. Pretty sure I’ll move there one day. We went to Red Rock, Valley of Fire, and the Lost City.

Red Rock

Valley of Fire, Petroglyph Canyon

Of course, like any fevered, fanatic stitcher, I had to look up and see if there were any stitching stores around. Thankfully we found one: Stitcher’s Paradise (kinda sounds like a craft-themed casino!), and as my BF bragged to some of the lovely ladies there, “This is the only place in Vegas that we’ve been to twice.” Such a ham! 😉 Anway, I got A LOT of new stash and was so excited to support my xstitch “problem” and their business.

My new stitching bag with M&M liner- because Vegas!

As much as I loved the desert, I was ready to go home to see my Bilbo. He stayed with my parents and had an awesome time running around. We got to my parents’ house at one AM from the airport that’s about an hour away. It was crazy and exhausting, but all I cared about was seeing my dog again! I’m sure all pet parents can relate. Not embarrassed.

Valley of Fire

lI’ve been working on some new projects. Both purchases from Vegas. First an all beaded cow from Mill Hill, “Elsie.” I feel in love with beading with the beehive kit that I HAD to get another. Second is Little House Needlework’s “Giving Thanks.” This is the first time I am using non-DMC, hand dyed thread.

I hope the weather is lovely and your stitching time’s aplenty!