2016 Finishes

  1. “May,” from the Calendar Girls series, by Liberty Rose
  2. Shuttle tatting: 1 pair beaded earrings, “Floret,” by Marilee Rockley (Craftsy class)
  3. “Elsie,” kit from Mill Hill
  4. “Fibery Friends Sampler,” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  5. “What Lies Beneath,” by Ink Circles
  6. Grandma’s Circular dish cloth, knit 
  7. Flat Sheet Duvet cover
  8. “Fear Not,” Little House Needleworks
  9. (No Fringe) On the Fringe! A Simple Shawl to Knit, by Cindy Colbert (X2)
  10. On the Moors with Jane Eyre, by Tanya Marie Anderson (The Sampler Girl)
  11. Barley hat (X2), knit
  12. Seaforth hat, knit
  13. Mini Eiffel Tower
  14. Stitchingly Ever After ornament 
  15. Halloween bunting, knit (9 triangles)
  16. “Abigail Winslow, 1780,” by Little House Needleworks (Dear Diary #1)
  17. “Mary Heaton, 1878,” by LHN (Dear Diary #2)
  18. “A Pumpkin of my Own,” by The Sampler Girl (Just Cross Stitch, Halloween 2012)
  19. “Not a Creature in Sight,” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (Just Cross Stitch, Christmas 2016)
  20. “Sophia,” by Summer House Stitche Workes 


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