Plans, Plans, Plans!

I didn’t get a lot of stitching done this weekend like I wanted to. It’s ok! I’m sure I’ll catch up this Thanksgiving week. 

I’ve also put off talking about this for a while- I’m stitching from stash (started a few weeks ago). 

Here’s a snapshot of my plans in my stitching journal:

Caught Bilbo yawning- it’s way too early in the morning for all three of us!

I still have a few patterns that I’m trying to kit up like some Mirabilia’s: silk is so expensive but totally worth it. Even as an “adult” I still need to save up for them!

I have all of my kitted up projects littering the dinning room table and ready to go! 

My kits (husband’s coloring in the background which he recently started- love crafting time with him!)

So as of now, my WIPs are “Sophia” (Summer House Stitche Workes), “Halloween (Trick or Treat) Fairy” (Nora Corbett), and “Grief and Sorrows” [My Big Toe Designs (don’t think I’ve shared this one on here yet)]. This week during the holiday, I want to start the third design of LHN’s Dear Diary series. I just don’t want too many current WIPs; that tends to stress me out.

Today we will find out if we’re moving again shortly. Not too happy about it, but hopefully it’s a change in the right direction.

 I have a lot of exciting projects lined up, and that’s always something to look forward to. 

If I don’t post again this week, happy Thanksgiving and happy stitching !


It’s cliche but oh-so-true: life is full of changes. But crafting is always an anchor! So, I’ve been stitching up a storm:

Almost done with Sophia; she’s taking forever, but I am enjoying it so much. Plus, sparkly fabric helps.

I brought out my sister’s Trick or Treat fairy. Decided to go ahead and start the beading. Very fun and worth it.

Also a small ornament finish! “Not a Creature in Sight,” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (JustCrossStitch mag, Christmas 2016). I’ll just finish it as a flat ornament. I also have my eye to start on LHN’s “Gingerbread Tree”.

This weekend, I’d like to finish Sophia or just work on Trick or Treat Fairy. 

Happy Stitching!


I’ve finished “A Pumpkin of My Own” by The Sampler Girl from Just CrossStitch Halloween 2012. I used my coffee-dyed fabric. I used DMC: 731, 729, 640, 3790, tea-dyed 972; Gentel Art: Bittersweet, Red Grape; and Classic Colorworks: Weeping Willow. 

I also stitched a moon and stars instead of the charted cat. I didn’t want it too Halloweeny so that I can have it out all Fall.

I tried to completely finish this one- turned it into a pillow, ripped it all out, tried to redo, and I messed up my sewing machine. So I’m stepping away before I start triage on it…and starting again.

Happy Stitching (and better luck sewing šŸ˜œ)!