Makeover time! I redid the face Liberty Rose’s “Calendar Girls- May.” I have two more of this series, and I will not be using regular cross stitch linen like I did here. Very happy with the redo! 

PS- I used my lovely Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother needleminder to cap off the occasion:

The Invisible Girl 

Remember this finish? It is “Calendar Girls- May,” by Liberty Rose. 

I was going through my finishes thinking about how to fully finish them and ran across this one. I wasn’t happy back in January when I completed her- I didn’t stitch her face “right.” It definitely didn’t look like the beautiful pattern. So today, I cut it out!

I will ponder over this until I get the guts to rework it, wash it, then frame it.

Happy Stitching!

Finish: Calendar Girls – May

First finish of 2016: “Calendar Girls – May” by Liberty Rose. I completed this in one weekend and had a blast. This was my first embroidery piece. It felt like painting!

I only tweaked the color of the flowers on this pattern. Originally, all flowers were Gentle Art Antique Rose. I added the yellow and purple to the mix (DMC 725 and 3041, respectively). The french knot middles of the flowers called for Gentle Art Mayple Syrup, but I didn’t have that color so I used DMC 938.

Stitched on 28 ct. Flax Cashel Linen (9X13).

PS- I contacted the designer of this pattern for advice and SHE WROTE BACK! I love it!

Home Again

Well— back to normal life tomorrow. After weeks of traveling, I’m ready for roots and routine. I definitely know that Bilbo and Belle are ready to stay out of a car for a while. My holiday was filled with love and stitchy-ness, and I hope yours was merry and bright, too. Oh, and I’m getting married! (Onward with the search not for the “perfect dress” but for the perfect wedding sampler!)

Before I go back to work tomorrow I’m trying to get reorganized; however, I have already organized my stitchy stash and kitted up my new patterns this weekend:

And I got to play with my new toy:

I have decided to not have goals/resolutions on my hobbies this year- no stitching, crafting, or reading goals. They just stress me out and make my hobbies no fun. On a non-stitching note, my New Year’s Resolutions? To get my PCOS/insulin resistance under control. And the read the Bible cover-to-cover. It’s written out and pinned to my planner as a daily reminder.

I’m currently working on a beautiful embroidery piece, my first time embroidering, from Liberty Rose’s Calendar Girls series, “May.” I’m just about finished and can’t wait to show it off!

Happy Stitching!