Kitting Up

One of my favorite things about stitching: organizing and kitting up materials for new starts! Yesterday I kitted up TWO new projects.

First up is another Ink Circles- “Get Kraken.” I am using most of her DMC substitutions for the silk with two WWD. I found beautiful linen called “Wren” by Picture this Plus (40 ct.). Ive even picked out some beads to try with this pattern. I love this designer’s sense of humor!

The next new start is a really special pattern: Nora Corbett’s Halloween Fairy (though I’ve heard it referred to as the Trick or Treat Fairy). When I saw it on Pinterest, I fell in LOVE. I downloaded this pattern directly from the magazine company (Herrschners) this first appeared in. My mom is actually going to stitch along with me, so I’m really excited about that- her first time with evenweave, beads, and “special” hand dyed fabric. I am using all the charted threads, but I will stitching on BEAUTIFUL linen also from Picture this Plus called “Haunted.” I’m over the moon with this start, so I think At the Met will not be my first Mirabilia/Nora Corbett. 

And speaking of At the Met– I messed up big time, and it’s kind of embarrassing. I had recently ordered the extra packets of beads thought I needed (I’m still waiting of the package). But while kitting up the other two patterns, I found that I had actually ordered the beads back in January. Whoops. I guess I need to keep another crafty notebook dedicated just to purchases to keep track of EVERYTHING CRAFTY THING I BUY. C’est la vie!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and happy stitching!

A Lot of Moving

Hey all! We’re almost all moved in to our new place. Belle and Bilbo love all their extra space they now have- though as you’ll see in a picture below (cringe-worthy in Bilbo’s case)- they are exhausted from running around like crazy in their new, big backyard.

Thankfully, all this change hasn’t stopped me from craftiness. First up, I’m prepping for Mirabilia’s At the Met. I got this one for Christmas, and it’s been calling to me ever since. Just waiting on some Mill Hill beads to get here. Also something new to me for this stitch- I will be stitching her skin 1-over-1. I LOVE the look of this. Saw this while browsing the evergreen needle on YouTube.

Next, Fear Not is chugging along. Almost done with the hill. Then it’s on to the fence, and then the rest of the verse, and I’ll be done! Very pleased with my color substitutions here- usually don’t do stuff like that because I get too scared to change what the pattern calls for.

I have restarted my afghan- even again since the last time I’ve said here that I had restarted. This is what it looks like on row 2 after counting each of the 300 stitches twice (sad, I know):

I have also made the duvet I had talked about in my last post. All I have to do is iron the seams, and make my bed. Actually feeling very accomplished about this one, because I can’t believe I did it. Even though it’s just some straight line, I’m still so proud of myself. Up next for my sewing machine is making cloth “paper” towels to cut down on waste. I already have all my materials. I will be using this tutorial found via Pinterest (like you do).
So a lot of great craftiness planned. Happy stitching!

Told you! 😉 Bilbo on left, Belle on right.