New Beginnings

¬†I’ve been M.I.A. lately because I’ve been too busy… and too busy to cross stitch. But it’s a good busy- I got hired at a local university library. I’m very thankful for this opportunity that finally came around. It’s a relief after over six months of being unemployed AND it’s in a field I want to have a career in. There is a catch though- one I don’t mind (yet, so far, I don’t know)- it is a second shift plus weekend position. I’m excited though; something new.

The shots below were taken over a week ago. I’m stitching this for my dad for his birthday in August, which because of my new blessing of a job will be harder to finish than I thought. Hopefully I be able to work on it and relax this weekend. But for now, I’m going to FINALLY sit down (and probably fall asleep).

Happy stitching!

WIP & Back to School

Hello stitchers!

Loving the weather- not too hot, not too cold. Bilbo is definitely enjoying his favorite thing:sunbathing; I really think this dog is part cat…

I got a lot done on my new project this weekend. More importantly, I got to stitch with my mom- my favorite stitching buddy! She always has awesome patterns she’s working on.

Secondly, to the non-stitchy stuff, which I’m always wary about publishing here because the intent of my blog is a personal journal of my cross stitch and crafty adventures, but here it goes: Pushing yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Personally, fear and anxiety always hold me; and honestly, sometimes I feel like prayers don’t soothe me (which I’m working on), and they definitely aren’t a quick fix yet. However, after going back and forth since late¬†undergrad, I have decided to go back to school so I can do what I think I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life. Last night, I made the trek to Barnes and Noble’s and bought my ginormous GRE study book. Huge step for me- it’s a start of a commitment to this- something I’ve been so scared to do. I even took my first practice test last night; math is definitely going to be my focus. I’m already working on my letter of intent and checking deadlines (I missed Fall, so I’d be starting Spring semester). And I’m nervous.

Yep, I’ve finally decided to close my eyes and take the plunge and go to and get my graduate degree in Library Science! As an undergrad I worked in our library’s Preservation department. It was so crafty and calm to repair books. I loved the people I worked with. I fell in love being apart of a community of librarians who loved reading and books (just to be around them) as much as I did. I’m proud to be so in love with reading, and I have a big desire to help promote literacy (especially among adults- I feel like a lot of education programs only focus on kids, which is awesome, but I would like to find out ways to get more adults in love with books too).

So now I have direction, and for that I am very thankful. I will be busy with prepping for the GRE, STILL applying for jobs, and of course, cross stitching!