Finished: Abigail Winslow, 1780

After a marathon stitching session, I’ve finished Little House Needleworks’ Dear Diary #1: Abigail Winslow, 1780.

Joy and motivating are the only words I can come up with to describe stitching this. I used all the called for DMC threads, and I used 28 ct Lambswool linen. 

Well it’s time to clean up this project and set up for the second: Mary Heaton, 1878.

Stay safe in this weather, and happy stitching!


Makeover time! I redid the face Liberty Rose’s “Calendar Girls- May.” I have two more of this series, and I will not be using regular cross stitch linen like I did here. Very happy with the redo! 

PS- I used my lovely Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother needleminder to cap off the occasion:

A Small Finish

My niece loves the Eiffel Tower. I don’t know why- I’ve never heard her speak French or of France, but she LOVES the Eiffel Tower. So as the loving, indulging aunt I am (wink wink)…

I stitched this lovely Eiffel Tower for her birthday (started last night and finished today). Will find a cute frame in time for her party this weekend- I will post a pic as soon as it’s framed. The motif is from CrossStitcher magazine (Issue 288, Feb 2015). The Art Deco alphabet is for free from Nancy Bandzuch (Fancy Font,

I also got her two more x-stitch goodies for her to learn on:

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting (Ravelry: @doghairstitchery) with a lot of finishes there. Not going to lie: I can’t wait to actual stitch/knit for myself! I’m currently keeping my head down with the flu and other stresses. But I definitely need to do more small finishes for stitchy morale! 

Keep your head up, and happy stitching!

PS: Current obsession = Little House Needleworks- I WILL stitch her entire Dear Diary series!

The Invisible Girl 

Remember this finish? It is “Calendar Girls- May,” by Liberty Rose. 

I was going through my finishes thinking about how to fully finish them and ran across this one. I wasn’t happy back in January when I completed her- I didn’t stitch her face “right.” It definitely didn’t look like the beautiful pattern. So today, I cut it out!

I will ponder over this until I get the guts to rework it, wash it, then frame it.

Happy Stitching!

Fibery Friends Finish

   It’s another finish for 2016!
 Fibery Friends Sampler
by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
28ct linen
DMC colors


And a surprise…

Instead of the charted sweater, I added my own personal touch and graphed my afghan! The color pallet of this chart even matches my yarn colors. Too perfect to pass up: built in motivation to pick up my knitting needles and restart the afghan again.

Happy Stitching!