Plans, Plans, Plans!

I didn’t get a lot of stitching done this weekend like I wanted to. It’s ok! I’m sure I’ll catch up this Thanksgiving week. 

I’ve also put off talking about this for a while- I’m stitching from stash (started a few weeks ago). 

Here’s a snapshot of my plans in my stitching journal:

Caught Bilbo yawning- it’s way too early in the morning for all three of us!

I still have a few patterns that I’m trying to kit up like some Mirabilia’s: silk is so expensive but totally worth it. Even as an “adult” I still need to save up for them!

I have all of my kitted up projects littering the dinning room table and ready to go! 

My kits (husband’s coloring in the background which he recently started- love crafting time with him!)

So as of now, my WIPs are “Sophia” (Summer House Stitche Workes), “Halloween (Trick or Treat) Fairy” (Nora Corbett), and “Grief and Sorrows” [My Big Toe Designs (don’t think I’ve shared this one on here yet)]. This week during the holiday, I want to start the third design of LHN’s Dear Diary series. I just don’t want too many current WIPs; that tends to stress me out.

Today we will find out if we’re moving again shortly. Not too happy about it, but hopefully it’s a change in the right direction.

 I have a lot of exciting projects lined up, and that’s always something to look forward to. 

If I don’t post again this week, happy Thanksgiving and happy stitching !


It’s cliche but oh-so-true: life is full of changes. But crafting is always an anchor! So, I’ve been stitching up a storm:

Almost done with Sophia; she’s taking forever, but I am enjoying it so much. Plus, sparkly fabric helps.

I brought out my sister’s Trick or Treat fairy. Decided to go ahead and start the beading. Very fun and worth it.

Also a small ornament finish! “Not a Creature in Sight,” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (JustCrossStitch mag, Christmas 2016). I’ll just finish it as a flat ornament. I also have my eye to start on LHN’s “Gingerbread Tree”.

This weekend, I’d like to finish Sophia or just work on Trick or Treat Fairy. 

Happy Stitching!