Fibery Friends Finish

   It’s another finish for 2016!
 Fibery Friends Sampler
by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
28ct linen
DMC colors


And a surprise…

Instead of the charted sweater, I added my own personal touch and graphed my afghan! The color pallet of this chart even matches my yarn colors. Too perfect to pass up: built in motivation to pick up my knitting needles and restart the afghan again.

Happy Stitching! 

The Confessions of an Ex-Knitter

No, I’m not quitting knitting all together. I’m just prone to hyperbole. The latest entry in my afghan saga has been a sad one. It did indeed start happily, but it has since turned into a Gothic horror full of tears and cries of vengeance. And more hyperbole. Jk-  I actually did not cry over this (applause, please), but I’m sure several neighbors could have heard my anguished war cry.

ANYWAY I’ve been working on an afghan for about a month. It is my grandma’s pattern that she always uses. 300 stitches. Fun stuff. All was going well until I got to the end of the first skein, and it was time to change to a different color/add a stripe. After watching a few YouTube videos, I added the new skein. Knitted several rows (reminder: 300 stitches each) and found that I had added 3 extra stitches.

Now, I don’t know how that happened, but I do know that all was wonderful until I started the new skein/color. I ripped out the rows with the intention of being able to save my work, but it was all for naught.

…I had to rip everything out and will have to start over. Again. I talked myself out of freaking out as I unfurled my blanket and wound my yarn up. “Hey, I didn’t get that far. At least I know what to expect next time,” I kept telling myself while slowly breathing.


The only evidence left.

 I’m not too discouraged about this though, because my knitting has always been a challenge, especially on this scale of a project. But when I get over it, I will pick my afghan up again. Probably in the next week or two. I’m just too lazy to cast on and count my 300 stitches again at the moment. 🙂

C’est la vie! And such.

Happy stitching!

Crafting a Neurosis

Hello stitchers!

I hope everyone’s week is going great and has had some time to relax and craft!
Last week, I celebrated my and my BF’s five year anniversary. I made and framed this tatted heart as his present:

It is an “intermediate” pattern, so of course I played that up! 🙂 So– years from now our grandchildren will look at it hanging above our kitchen table or bed and say, “Isnt it romantic that grandma made this for grandpa when they were a-courting?”

ANYWAY I’ve been prepping to begin my afghan. By that I mean rereading the pattern over and over and waiting for my new needles to arrive in the mail. Also I’ve been looking at knitting online and found ANOTHER project to add to my list:

Prayer Shawls! What a beautiful concept. You literally pray over each stitch for a certain someone and give it to them. I’m still a very beginner knitter–only knit, purl, yarn over, and k2tog, please– so it has been fun trying to find patterns to match those skills. I already have someone in mind as the recipient. Most patterns only call for two skeins, so it should be a fast knit, right?

I already added two prayer shawl patterns in my crafting journal to try:

So much stitching and knitting and tatting to do! So happy stitching!

Messing Up, Or Fifty Shades of White

Hello Stitchers!

My niece’s pattern is turning out to be quite the headache! There are many shades of white, and I have had to cut out and start over because of so many mistakes. My mantra for this project: my niece NEEDS this cross stitch. I’m even jazzing the pattern up with some glitter thread and Mill Hill beads. I am determined to make this a keepsake for her that she will love. 

While pursuing my locally owned craft store for the aforementioned beads, I became overwhelmed and got the glorious idea to try a bigger knitting project. My grandma gave me this afghan pattern a few years ago along with her latest (unfinished) afghan so that I could try my hand at more interesting patterns:
It is a two-colored pattern with just purls and knit stitches and some k2tog thrown in. I chickened out big time and just bound off what she gave me. It is a lovely lap blanket/shawl-thingy. So then and there at the craft store, I dialed my grandma asking how many skeins I would need to make the full sized afghan from her favorite pattern.

I was so determined that I even decided that I would make the afghan with three stripes instead of two. Because I like to make things more complicated for myself apparently. So I chose three colors that aren’t too girly to appease the male members of the house (I was totally going for mustard yellow, red, and some Fall beige). It took me FOREVER to decide on these colors. I was even describing the colors over the phone to my ever patient grand-duchess, saint grandmother Patricia.

This yarn is from the Ole Faithful brand of Red Heart Super Saver in Grey Heather, Lavender, and Windsor Blue. 

I can’t wait to begin, but I’m nervous. I’ve never knitted anything this size before. And as I’ve said, I’ve always chickened out on this pattern.

Funny how I was upset last post about having to cancel some projects because I got too stressed! I guess you can’t stop inspiration or the need for creative outlets.

Happy stitching and enjoy the rest of the weekend!