WIP Wednesday IV

  Stitching while sick is kinda hard. What with dizziness and lack of concentration. Still I’ve been muddling away through these pieces very slowly, and it has served to take my mind off of this and that. The first picture is my progress on the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Once Upon a Time Sampler. I started January 2014 when it was first released as a subscription. I’ve put it down since moving, but I must pick it up because it is my goal to finish it by my niece’s 6th birthday in September. So that’s the whole border and about 1.5 blocks a month. This is also a very special project to me because it is the first project that I ever stitched on linen. It was odd at the beginning, but I love it now.   Fauna is also going slowly- as I said, sick stitching can be rough, and confetti stitching makes it rougher. Still, I’m enjoying my time on this piece. Pretty Poppies is going FASTER than I thought. The colors are still keeping me cheery. Anyway, I’m off to keep recuperating with help from Bilbo. Happy stitching!

Beginning Needlepoint 

I tried my hand at needlepoint today. The above picture is all I accomplished because the next step is French knots. A lot of them. I couldn’t quite get the yarn to cooperate so I had to put it down before I got too frustrated. I need to watch some YouTube videos on French knots- I know I’m not the only one with this issue. My hope is that  I become a pro at them by the end of this piece and won’t sweat them anymore.

I did an awesome job putting together the stretcher bars and tacking the canvas on. So I am proud of that. This pattern is called “Little Lamb,” by Carol Peao Currier. 

Happy stitching!

Jane Austen Portrait

Another finish- I’m so surprised. I am a complete Jane Austen fan. I have been ever since I was about five- I got my first copy of Pride and Prejudice when I was that age- no, of course I couldn’t read it, but my mom is also a bookworm so that probably had something to do with it. It has been in my collection ever since and borrow and loved (I’m now up to four different editions of that specific Austen novel- not ashamed- I love annotated editions of anything). Her writing has always been a comfort to me.

This pattern is from the “Jen’ll Fix It” section of The World of Cross Stitching– Issue 191.

Progress pic:

I’m not sure how I will finish this piece- maybe just a fancy, colorful frame.

Happy stitching!

A Finish, or The Beekeeper’s Apprentice Series Commemoration Gift

Finally- a finish! This Mill Hill kit, called “Bumble Bee Inn,” was way too fun to make. This was my first foray into beading, and I enjoyed it immensely; I look forward to other bead-intensive projects. I made this for my best friend to commemorate us starting the Mary Russell- Sherlock series by Laurie R. King. It has become a huge favorite between us; I’m on book three already…and my lovely fellow bookworm in on book nine. The beehive is significant to this series because our now retired Sherlock has developed a passion as a beekeeper. Mary and Sherlock meet- instant kindred spirits united- and amazing mystery stories develop (I will dare to say King writes equal to Sir ACD).

Process Photos- This was luckily a pretty quick stitch and makeup. In the end, I turned it into a magnet for her.

Now off to the post office to send my gift to NY!

Happy stitching!