WIP Wednesday III: Snow Day(s) Edition & Kreinik Thread Trouble

2015-02-24 10.07.43Hello stitchers! I hope you all are staying warm and are able to catch up on some projects. We are on day two of NC’s Snowpocalypse with more on the way tonight! Bilbo has been enjoying this round of snow though- he loves eating it: hence his beard. 🙂

2015-02-24 10.08.01

2015-02-25 17.10.40

I got a little more work done on “Pretty Poppies.” I’m very pleased with my speed of stitching at the moment and hope to keep up the momentum. I’m used to feeling bummed that I stitch very slow. I’m also hoping that it won’t take me forever to do the backstitching. The colors on this project is definitely making it hard to have the winter blues. I haven’t worked on “Fauna” lately (even though I finally got the last of my needed materials in the mail Monday). I’m having trouble using Kreinik #8 braid- what size needle do you recommend using? It won’t fit into the eye of my no. 26 needles. 😦

Also in my Monday’s mail, I received a copy of “Stitchingly Ever After” by Barbara Ann Designs. It is so adorable- so appropriate to our xstitch lifestyle, and I look forward to working on it.

Happy stitching!


WIP: Pretty Poppies


One poppy down; one more to go! Thankful that I got a good amount of stitching in this weekend; it’s too cold to do anything else. Luckily, I’m working on these flowers to remember that spring will come again!

Bilbo is very bored with this rainy and/or snowy weather; however; he has mastered the art of walking on ice. Our back porch is now officially ice free!


Happy hibernating- I mean, stitching!

WIP Wednesday II


Finally making progress on Fauna The Fairy Witch. I’m so happy that I started her owl pal- he was the main reason I bought this pattern; however, I cannot finish him until I receive the Kreinik threads I ordered. We got a lot of ice here (and some snow), so I’ve had a nice time cuddled up with my books, cross stitching, and Bilbo!

Happy stitching!



FINALLY, a WIP pic! I did so much on Fauna today, so I thought that I would share my progress. I’m really enjoying the colors I’m working with and cannot wait to get to the beading!


Tonight we’re bracing ourselves for our first ice/snow storm. I spent most of my morning cleaning and shopping for the snowed in necessities. Snow is always a “big deal” because we barely get any here; that is why I’m so excited! However, I know my friends up north are sick to death of it. I also double checked my stitching stash to make sure that I don’t run out of anything- just in case I’m stuck. 🙂 Better safe than sorry!

Happy Stitching (& stay warm)!

Local Needlework Store Love

Hello fellow stitchers!

Working on my cross stitch has taken a backseat lately, and I’m slowly bring it back out. Because xstitch is important! Duh! 🙂 I’m currently working mostly on “Fauna The Fairy Witch.” I will post pics as soon as I feel I have made a good dent in it. Again, stitching on paper is so much fun- NO HOOP! I don’t know why that makes me so happy!

Today, BF and I ventured (unplanned) to Pinehurst, NC for a fun jaunt. When I travel, I love to look up the local needlework stores. There is nothing like talking about your craft with people who are equally obsessed with it. We stumbled upon a lovely shop there with a very lovely, kind, and generous owner. Seriously, I could not put enough positive adjectives; God bless her! It is actually a needlepoint-focused store, but she let me go “into the back” and shift through the xstitch patterns that she had. She also pointed me (ha! nice pun) to a nice needlepoint kit for me to begin dipping in to containing mostly french knots which I need way more practice in. I’m exited to learn about working with wool thread. I am very seriously considered taking classes there- worth the drive and not too far away. Nothing beats meeting people like this- having a connection like this, and I feel so blessed.


My haul includes:
-“Caroling Quartet,” by Little House Needleworks
-“The Kings,” by Fanci That; I adore anything Three Kings related
-“Spring Topiary Garden,” by Mirabilia; my FIRST EVER Mirabilia- this is a stitcher milestone or great feat, right?!
-“Little Lamb,” by Carol Peao Currier; this was an exclusive pattern to the shop as the designer is a local! So cool!

I can’t wait to finally update with awesome WIP pics!

Happy stitching!


Look what I found at my parents’ house!

This was my first finish ever. It was gift for my dad’s birthday in 2013. I love that it’s still hanging up on display somewhere and that it is still appreciated. 🙂

Goal: Just Stitch It


Hello all! My, it’s been awhile. Sadly, I have no new progress photos of all this time. Life feels empty when you don’t pick up needle and thread. I’ve been searching for a new job, minor surgery (with one more round to go), and overall blahs. I’ve enjoyed following everyone’s updates! They are all definitely inspiring. 🙂 My goal for this month is to stop and just stitch. No matter how I’m feeling.

Fortunately, I’ve had Bilbo to keep up with. Here’s a pic of him after a much needed (and very hated by him) bath. He’s ready to get out of the parking lot and be free (to get dirty again)!

I hope to check in soon. Happy stitching!