Hi all!

I’ve already posted how my threads turned out on my last post. My fabric is out of the oven and ironed and is already being kitted up for a small autumnal project: 

This was originally a PTP fabric in Dill that was wayyyyy too orange than the picture on 123stitch showed (which has been happening to me a lot with fabric lately). I love the black spots the coffee made and the orange-dampening the tea did. I am planning on getting some walnut crystals to dye more of my own fabric- I like the primitive/old look. Going to stitch on this one soon- picking out my colors now (“A Pumpkin of My Own,” by The Sampler Girl)!


Trying my hand at coffee dyeing – fabric and two DMC threads I don’t like for two upcoming projects. Fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching!

Update: The coffee wasn’t really working, so I’m now soaking them in very strong bergamot black tea. Seems to be working better so far!

Here’s my results for DMC 972:

Then I went back to coffee and vanilla, so here’s 971: