Vegas Adventures, Or There and Back Again: A Stitcher’s Tale

Hello! It has been quite a while! Went on an awesome trip to Las Vegas, and now back at home where the job search must continue!

Vegas was awesome. It is a very misunderstood city; there is way more to it than the Strip. Bf and I did the Strip for maybe a day and a half, but te desert is what captured our hearts. Pretty sure I’ll move there one day. We went to Red Rock, Valley of Fire, and the Lost City.

Red Rock

Valley of Fire, Petroglyph Canyon

Of course, like any fevered, fanatic stitcher, I had to look up and see if there were any stitching stores around. Thankfully we found one: Stitcher’s Paradise (kinda sounds like a craft-themed casino!), and as my BF bragged to some of the lovely ladies there, “This is the only place in Vegas that we’ve been to twice.” Such a ham! 😉 Anway, I got A LOT of new stash and was so excited to support my xstitch “problem” and their business.

My new stitching bag with M&M liner- because Vegas!

As much as I loved the desert, I was ready to go home to see my Bilbo. He stayed with my parents and had an awesome time running around. We got to my parents’ house at one AM from the airport that’s about an hour away. It was crazy and exhausting, but all I cared about was seeing my dog again! I’m sure all pet parents can relate. Not embarrassed.

Valley of Fire

lI’ve been working on some new projects. Both purchases from Vegas. First an all beaded cow from Mill Hill, “Elsie.” I feel in love with beading with the beehive kit that I HAD to get another. Second is Little House Needlework’s “Giving Thanks.” This is the first time I am using non-DMC, hand dyed thread.

I hope the weather is lovely and your stitching time’s aplenty!

A Finish, or The Beekeeper’s Apprentice Series Commemoration Gift

Finally- a finish! This Mill Hill kit, called “Bumble Bee Inn,” was way too fun to make. This was my first foray into beading, and I enjoyed it immensely; I look forward to other bead-intensive projects. I made this for my best friend to commemorate us starting the Mary Russell- Sherlock series by Laurie R. King. It has become a huge favorite between us; I’m on book three already…and my lovely fellow bookworm in on book nine. The beehive is significant to this series because our now retired Sherlock has developed a passion as a beekeeper. Mary and Sherlock meet- instant kindred spirits united- and amazing mystery stories develop (I will dare to say King writes equal to Sir ACD).

Process Photos- This was luckily a pretty quick stitch and makeup. In the end, I turned it into a magnet for her.

Now off to the post office to send my gift to NY!

Happy stitching!