Midyear WIP Parade: Cross Stitch Edition

I know I’m not the only stitcher/knitter/crocheter that feels this way: I have too many WIPS, and that stresses me out. I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth saying again: this is a hobby, a favorite thing; so, let it be. If you want to start a new project, do it! If you want to work on only one project the whole year, do it!  I know this is a “duh moment,” but it’s easy to get caught up. Ignore the numbers, and don’t compare. So this is my post to gain some organization, start my to-do list (for gifts only), and see where I want to go. I had started a crafting journal but fell off the wagon. I love planners/journals, so I’m brainstorming on a system that will work for me, so I can keep up all the details of my crafty escapades (definitely something with a monthly calendar because I like to see the days I stitched and what I worked on).

I just love talking about WIPs, seeing what everyone else is working on, and comparing notes with other stitchers. So without further ado, here is my parade of WIP starting with the oldest (info in caption):

My oldest WIP: “Gypsy Caravan,” by Helz Cuppleditch- The World of Cross Stitch (Issue 205). I have so many happy memories associated with stitching this.

My first (and ONLY) mystery SAL: “Once Upon a Time Sampler,” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I can’t even find my thread for this project. I would like to pick it back up in August and finish it this year!

“Fauna the Fairy Witch,” by Brooke’s Books. I wish I had a pet owl….

“Pretty Poppies,” by Lesley Teare- The World of Cross Stitch (Issue 220). SO CLOSE! I even started the backstitching so I wouldn’t burn out.

“Dragonfly Sampler,” by Wendy Mosbacher- Just CrossStitch.

“Grief and Sorrows,” by My Big Toe Designs. This small bit took a really long time.

Two years after our wedding….”Your Color Wedding Cake,” by Bent Creek. I have a more formal sampler kitted up, but I’m not touching it until I finish this SMALL piece!

Bane of my existence (jk…kinda): “Halloween Fairy,” by Nora Corbett. Lovely project but I HATE KREINIK. I’m finally so close, and that’s the only thing that stops me from picking it back up. Oh…and this is a present for my sister…like two years ago.

“Winter Window,” by Susan Bates-The World of Cross Stitching (Issue 197). Still loving it! Already received supplies for “Spring Window.”

My Passion Project: “All Creatures Great and Small,” by Barbara Ana Designs.

“The Queen’s Sampler-Elizabeth I,” by Plum Street Sampler.

My pipe dream: “At the Met,” by Mirabilia. This is my number one project I want to finish. I love it so much but it seems like anytime I pick it up I get nothing done on it.

“Miss Fortune,” by Prairie Schooler

“Elizabeth McGuire, 1763,” by Little House Needleworks. SO MUCH BROWN.

“Hannah Purington, 1796,” by Little House Needleworks. I had to take a break from all the brown in “Elizabeth McGuire.” Still in love with this whole series.

“Seven Swans a Swimming,” by Nora Corbett.

“Caroling Quartet,” by Little House Needleworks. Reminds me of a Dickens Christmas.

“Rabbit Run,” by Prairie Schooler. Love the hand-dyed floss I picked out.

“Moon Sicke,” by The Primitive Needle. I don’t have that much to go!

Progress on my most current WIP: “Frida,” by Barbara Ana Designs- Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher (Spring 2018). Love the colors in this one

I also have a secret WIP for my sister but not much progress on it either. AND I did just purchased a new pattern and its supplies (Happy Early Birthday to Me!): “Haunted October Nights,” by Kooler Design Studio.
Moral of the story…stitch what you want and don’t worry about it.

Happy crafting!


Rainy Days and Crafting Seasons

Good evening, stitchers! Long time, no see.

We have had some CRAZY weather lately: 50s then 80s then 60s then 70s then 50s and now we’re up to our gross normal hot and humid days. Bilbo and Belle have been enjoying the sunshine after a cold winter though! Unfortunately, we’ve been bombarded with severe storms this past week with more to come. Everyone- stay safe!

Basically, I’ve been hanging by a thread (ha- pun always intended). I’m fine- it’s all about coping and waiting “it” out. So my coping has usually been knitting until my left wrist can’t take it anymore. For those of you coming for a cross stitching blog, don’t worry! Cross stitch is #1 in my heart with knitting close behind. Looking at my crafting journal’s calendar, knitting has definitely taken over the last two months though.

I’ve finished a shawl (“Tamdou” by Melanie Berg; see pic below) for my mom and ONE baby sock. I’m still waiting for some drier weather to soak and block that shawl and another shawl I finished for a gift a few weeks ago.


I still have the other baby sock and another adult pair to start soon. Then I need to finish another pair of socks for my mom. I also started another Melanie Berg shawl also for my mom (“Picking Daisies”). …And then my mom isn’t getting any more shawls for a long while 🙂 …AND I’m finally going to start a new shawl FOR ME – I think it’s going to be “The Girl from the Grocery Store” by Joji Locatelli so I can use my coveted Malabrigo Mechita in the Archangel colorway.

(The only WIPs I have for myself at the moment are “Nordic Wind” by cabinfour and the “Budding Bluebells Shawl” by Knitting Expat Designs.)

Again, if you want to connect with me on Ravelry, you can find me at Doghairstitchery. Just throwing it out there- I heard there was a cross stitch equivalent of Ravelry- any updates on that?! I’d totally be on that wagon.

I seem to do better with keeping control of my knitting WIPs than my stitching WIPs— not as stressful for whatever reason.

I was going to insert a current pic of my cross stitching (All Creatures Great and Small). I took a picture today, compared it to my previous update post on here, and realized that I have absolutely no progress. I’m itching to pick it up and work on it again (Now is the time that I could totally knock out some of that border!). It’s not that I’m bored with it. I think this is also the first time I’ve been a monogamous stitcher.

I just feel like I go through seasons with my crafting, and stressful seasons seem to have me knitting up a storm. I just know that when I pick my needle back up (my much loved John James Gold Petites), my fingers will be “all thumbs.”

Do you go through crafting seasons? I’d love to hear all about!

Happy Stitching!


Plans, Plans, Plans!

I didn’t get a lot of stitching done this weekend like I wanted to. It’s ok! I’m sure I’ll catch up this Thanksgiving week. 

I’ve also put off talking about this for a while- I’m stitching from stash (started a few weeks ago). 

Here’s a snapshot of my plans in my stitching journal:

Caught Bilbo yawning- it’s way too early in the morning for all three of us!

I still have a few patterns that I’m trying to kit up like some Mirabilia’s: silk is so expensive but totally worth it. Even as an “adult” I still need to save up for them!

I have all of my kitted up projects littering the dinning room table and ready to go! 

My kits (husband’s coloring in the background which he recently started- love crafting time with him!)

So as of now, my WIPs are “Sophia” (Summer House Stitche Workes), “Halloween (Trick or Treat) Fairy” (Nora Corbett), and “Grief and Sorrows” [My Big Toe Designs (don’t think I’ve shared this one on here yet)]. This week during the holiday, I want to start the third design of LHN’s Dear Diary series. I just don’t want too many current WIPs; that tends to stress me out.

Today we will find out if we’re moving again shortly. Not too happy about it, but hopefully it’s a change in the right direction.

 I have a lot of exciting projects lined up, and that’s always something to look forward to. 

If I don’t post again this week, happy Thanksgiving and happy stitching !