Hi all!

I’ve already posted how my threads turned out on my last post. My fabric is out of the oven and ironed and is already being kitted up for a small autumnal project: 

This was originally a PTP fabric in Dill that was wayyyyy too orange than the picture on 123stitch showed (which has been happening to me a lot with fabric lately). I love the black spots the coffee made and the orange-dampening the tea did. I am planning on getting some walnut crystals to dye more of my own fabric- I like the primitive/old look. Going to stitch on this one soon- picking out my colors now (“A Pumpkin of My Own,” by The Sampler Girl)!


Trying my hand at coffee dyeing – fabric and two DMC threads I don’t like for two upcoming projects. Fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching!

Update: The coffee wasn’t really working, so I’m now soaking them in very strong bergamot black tea. Seems to be working better so far!

Here’s my results for DMC 972:

Then I went back to coffee and vanilla, so here’s 971: 

Finished: Mary Heaton, 1878

Good morning, stitchers!
Early this morning I finished Mary:

Stitched on 28 ct Legacy (Cashel) by Picture this Plus. 

I added a pop of color with her blouse and the bird with DMC 927 (which is part of the whole series’ color palette). 

I also backstitched the bird’s beak instead of a full cross stitch as it was patterned. 

I’m so happy with how it turned out. So on to Number 3 in the series!

Happy stitching!


I have everything I need right now. Counting my blessings (instead of sheep).

Working on Mary- finished the wagon last night. I see a finish ahead of me this week! Happy stitching to all, and to all a good night! 😜

Weekend Bliss Planning

Hello all, and happy Friday!

I’ve finally made some progress on “Mary.” The colors are perfect for Fall.

I also have a new start. When I didn’t have the desire to stitch on the Dear Diary project, I brought out Summer House Stitche Workes’ “Sophia.” Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE owls. I have so many owl decorations in my house already, but when I saw this, I needed to stitch it. I paired it with lovely sparkly fabric, too. I frogged so much on this one oak leaf that I went back to stitching on Mary the next day. Sometimes you just NEED a new start.
I’m ready for a well deserved relaxing weekend with tons of stitching and Bilbo/Belle cuddling. I also have a bunch of new stash coming in today and tomorrow (from some serious shopping therapy), so I’m looking forward to unwrapping my new cross stitch goodies. I hope your weekend is as bright and happy too!  Happy stitching!

Finished: Abigail Winslow, 1780

After a marathon stitching session, I’ve finished Little House Needleworks’ Dear Diary #1: Abigail Winslow, 1780.

Joy and motivating are the only words I can come up with to describe stitching this. I used all the called for DMC threads, and I used 28 ct Lambswool linen. 

Well it’s time to clean up this project and set up for the second: Mary Heaton, 1878.

Stay safe in this weather, and happy stitching!