WIP Wednesday

Hello all! Happy New Year’s Eve (and Happy New Year’s Day, in advance)!

I am still stitching away on last week’s WIP Poppies. This week, I also picked up a project that I started last summer (as in 2013). It’s interesting how when you look at a piece you stitched or are stitching, you can recall what was going on in your life at the time. For instance with this piece, I was still in college and living in a dark, damp, cramped, small basement apartment in my hometown. I was nursing extreme anxiety with my nights full of cross stitching and Poirot episodes (and yes I admit, Murder She Wrote; I am complete fan- it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, Angela Lansbury is amazing). I wanted a piece that was bright and cheerful. I saw this pattern in The World of Cross Stitching magazine, and I fell in love with it. I also have never grown out of loving anthropomorphic animals in stories and shows. I will also never grow out of it. So, this was an ode to all of the happiness of nature and of fairy tales.


The original artwork by Helz Cuppleditch has a river flowing alongside the caravan. I’m debating on how to add this detail into my stitched piece as it was not in the pattern itself.

Happy stitching!

“Fashion, turn to the left. Fashion, turn to the right.”

Fashion always comes back around. You know that 90s grunge has come back into style, and the 80s are reincarnated as trendy workout clothes in a rainbow of neon. Browsing through the Met’s online collections, I discovered that needlework has been a popular embellishment of clothing in “highly fashionable” societies (I would love to insert a snobby picture of Caroline Bingley here, but I shall refrain). Luckily for us crafters, needlework is making a comeback! You can even purchase a stitchable iPhone case! Please enjoy the gorgeous pieces from yesteryear and their modern counterparts! Most photos from the Met’s collection can be viewed in close detail; just click their links.

Here are some colorful mid-1700s British shoes in flame stitch. The modern interpretation is by Dolce & Gabana. Kind of reminds me of Mary Poppins.

Dresses! Sorry, but any romance reader pictures herself in dresses like these at least once a day. Pick your favorite era to dream in, ladies!

Modern Interpretations:

Lastly, pretty undergarments- a 1760s French silk corset and lingerie by Dolce and Gabana (again).

Happy stitching! Hope this post has left you inspired to create your own wearable pieces!

Stitching Resolutions 2015

Hello and Happy Weekend!

Goals, change, resolutions! It’s that time of year again where everyone is forced to rethink their lives. Well, other than being more positive and being more consistent in exercise, I have a bunch of xstitching goals/wish list I want to achieve this coming year. Cross stitching is me-time for so many people that it just makes sense to make a resolution that makes you stop and do something for yourself!

Next year, I am going to focus on learning new skills (incorporating different stitches into cross stitch patterns, finishing styles) and finding smaller patterns I like so I can actually finish something. I seem to do a bunch of stitching but no finishes; I need to get my stitching morale up!

One of my favorite things about cross stitching is pattern shopping! I could (and have) spent hours in stores and online buried in pattern searches. Here’s my wish list- that will no doubt grow- for 2015:

  • Heap on the Wood,” by With Thy Needle & Thread
  • Jane Austen & Me (Emma Project)” by The Sampler Girl
  • Sue Bates’ seasonal windows series from The World of Cross Stitching magazine; currently working on Winter.Winter window, cross stitch design
  • an Elizabethan knot garden
  • “Stitchingly Ever After,” by Barbara Ana Designs
  • “Summer Quakers,” by Rosewood Manor
  • “I cannot count my day complete….,” by Lizzie*Kate

Do my lovely fellow stitchers have any stitching goals? Dare I ask, what are some of you top picks for your 2015 wish list? The latter question will probably only make it easier for my own wish list to get bigger!

Happy stitching!


2014-12-22 20.41.48

Finally time to relax. WIP: “Pretty Poppies” by Lesley Teare, from The World of Cross Stitching (No. 220). Don’t you just love confetti stitching? I definitely have to be in the mood for a project like this for all that concentration.

Elizabeth Parker Sampler

Elizabeth Parker Sampler

A cross stitched confession, 1830s. “…what will become of my soul”
Wonderful article on her ups and downs, BUT she got through it all.

When I think about the needle arts, I think of this piece. When I think about how humans need creative outlets, I think of this piece. Elizabeth couldn’t write, so she used the only way she knew how to communicate her story. This must have taken her such a long time to complete. I don’t think that I can fully articulate the beauty of this work or my own wonder at its creation.

Hello, Xstitchers…

…And welcome to my little patch of the internet! My name is Amy, and I am a 20-something year old contractor in NC. I started The Dog Hair Stitchery as a way to reach out to other cross stitchers after a long and fruitless search to find others with this passion. This is also my way to help keep this art alive. I remember when I used to watch my mom cross stitch when I was little. I remember when she taught me how to cross stitch when I was in my early teens. I will always think about these precious moments, especially as I start to think about doing the same to my nieces, nephews, family, and friends, (and maybe my own children one day). At The Dog Hair Stitchery, we can all hopefully connect to share tips, project progress, encouragement, and all that fun, happy stitch stuff (I mean, how cute are all of these notions nowadays!).

Now, without further ado, let me introduce the pet that inspired the name and is inadvertently apart of all the threads and fabrics of my stash…Bilbo!

2014-06-16 16.25.21

He likes to be in the middle of everything- including the first time my mom showed my niece how to do her first cross stitch.

2014-10-01 20.34.14

Feel free to comment and drop by. You can reach me here on WordPress or on Twitter @bookosaurus_rex.

Happy Stitching!