Dear Diary…

Happy Monday! I’m breaking my Monday blues by organizing my next project! I’m going to stitch all of Little House Needleworks’ Dear Diary series. All the patterns, threads, and linen are purchased, and I’m waiting on the last package to get here. Needless to say, I’m really obsessed with LHN. 

I’m trying to think of books and movies can watch/listen/read while I’m working on these… Because I love a good theme: Little House on the Prairie, some good westerns. I already know I’m going to research every place these patterns are based on! 

I was determined not to have a repeat of what happened with “At the Met” when I bought double supplies. So I created a little checklist to organize every pattern in this series and the prices to keep track of spending. I also kept track of the linen and floss for each pattern. 

(See this pink accessory organizer? I found that at a thrift shop and instantly thought that it would be an awesome project bag!)

While waiting for all of these packages to get here, I started another Little House Needleworks— “Caroling Quartet” with what colors and linen I had (pictured here complete with a manger needleminder):

I also started an “adaptation” of Barbara Ana’s “Stitchingly Ever After.” I’m turning it into an Altoid tin topper!!!! Sooooo excited: so much ribbon and fun fabric I get to use!!!!! I use the word “adaptation” loosely as all I’m doing is stitching a lady one over one, making the cat into Bilbo, and moving around some of the motifs. I’m not sure that there’s an official stitchy word for this. 

So lesson of the day: find what makes you happy, and go with it!

Happy stitching!


Makeover time! I redid the face Liberty Rose’s “Calendar Girls- May.” I have two more of this series, and I will not be using regular cross stitch linen like I did here. Very happy with the redo! 

PS- I used my lovely Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother needleminder to cap off the occasion:

A Small Finish

My niece loves the Eiffel Tower. I don’t know why- I’ve never heard her speak French or of France, but she LOVES the Eiffel Tower. So as the loving, indulging aunt I am (wink wink)…

I stitched this lovely Eiffel Tower for her birthday (started last night and finished today). Will find a cute frame in time for her party this weekend- I will post a pic as soon as it’s framed. The motif is from CrossStitcher magazine (Issue 288, Feb 2015). The Art Deco alphabet is for free from Nancy Bandzuch (Fancy Font,

I also got her two more x-stitch goodies for her to learn on:

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting (Ravelry: @doghairstitchery) with a lot of finishes there. Not going to lie: I can’t wait to actual stitch/knit for myself! I’m currently keeping my head down with the flu and other stresses. But I definitely need to do more small finishes for stitchy morale! 

Keep your head up, and happy stitching!

PS: Current obsession = Little House Needleworks- I WILL stitch her entire Dear Diary series!