WIP: Winter Window

Old Man Winter is still holding on, heedless of the calendar. I had a lovely weekend full of stitching, reading, crocheting, and relaxing (read: binge watching TV shows).

Here’s my progress on Susan Bates’ “Winter Window”:

My plan this week is to get the top half of this curtain filled in. I’m not tired of this area…yet. 🙂 However, I just put in an order for the “Spring Window” materials to keep my momentum going.

Stay warm, and happy Stitching!

Back to Basics

After falling in love with many other crafts over the past few years (knitting, crocheting, shuttle tatting, and beading), I find myself slowly wading back towards cross stitching, with my head down, hoping my needles aren’t resentful of my neglect of them.

I’ve picked up one of my oldest WIPs (I remember being in college with this one, so it’s definitely over five years old): “Winter Window” by Susan Bates (The World of Cross Stitching– Issue 197).

I don’t think I’ve ever stitched a full-coverage piece. It’s actually pretty intense for my brain and my eyes (so much confetti), but I’m enjoying every minute of it. Also, this is definitely the most backstitch I’ve ever had to do, so I plan to do it as I go along….That way, I won’t dread it as much! 🙂

Today’s progress: Started the star ornament- I got to stitch a little today before work, on my breaks, and after work.

I’m in love with this whole series and want to stitch all four windows! AND HAPPY THOUGHT for today: I go away for a while with no stitching and I come back to GRIDDED evenweave!? (I’m going to get my hands on some for the next three windows!)

It’s so close to the weekend, and I’m already daydreaming about slowing down and curling up with my “Winter Window.”

Happy Stitching, all!