Stitchin’ & Knottin’ & Loopin’

There’s been a whole lot of crafting going on in casa de Dog Hair because of this cold weather. Belle, Bilbo, and I have been cuddled up! Isn’t  winter wonder like that?

First up, I’ve been stitching away on Ink Circle’s “What Lies Beneath.” All is going well with this one, but it took me THREE tries to get this started. Do you ever find yourself paralyzed when you first pick up a piece?

Next on the menu, I’ve picked up my tatting again and now have a lovely set of earrings! I think these will make perfect gifts this year. The pattern is from Marilee Rockley’s first Craftsy class.

Last, but not least, I’ve started an afghan using my grandma’s knitting pattern. It was rough casting on 300 stitches for the first time ever, but got it after a few tries. I will post a pic when I have at least two stripes.

So stay warm, my friends! Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s post from this past month.

Happy stitching!


Finish: Calendar Girls – May

First finish of 2016: “Calendar Girls – May” by Liberty Rose. I completed this in one weekend and had a blast. This was my first embroidery piece. It felt like painting!

I only tweaked the color of the flowers on this pattern. Originally, all flowers were Gentle Art Antique Rose. I added the yellow and purple to the mix (DMC 725 and 3041, respectively). The french knot middles of the flowers called for Gentle Art Mayple Syrup, but I didn’t have that color so I used DMC 938.

Stitched on 28 ct. Flax Cashel Linen (9X13).

PS- I contacted the designer of this pattern for advice and SHE WROTE BACK! I love it!

Home Again

Well— back to normal life tomorrow. After weeks of traveling, I’m ready for roots and routine. I definitely know that Bilbo and Belle are ready to stay out of a car for a while. My holiday was filled with love and stitchy-ness, and I hope yours was merry and bright, too. Oh, and I’m getting married! (Onward with the search not for the “perfect dress” but for the perfect wedding sampler!)

Before I go back to work tomorrow I’m trying to get reorganized; however, I have already organized my stitchy stash and kitted up my new patterns this weekend:

And I got to play with my new toy:

I have decided to not have goals/resolutions on my hobbies this year- no stitching, crafting, or reading goals. They just stress me out and make my hobbies no fun. On a non-stitching note, my New Year’s Resolutions? To get my PCOS/insulin resistance under control. And the read the Bible cover-to-cover. It’s written out and pinned to my planner as a daily reminder.

I’m currently working on a beautiful embroidery piece, my first time embroidering, from Liberty Rose’s Calendar Girls series, “May.” I’m just about finished and can’t wait to show it off!

Happy Stitching!