Stitching Resolutions 2015

Hello and Happy Weekend!

Goals, change, resolutions! It’s that time of year again where everyone is forced to rethink their lives. Well, other than being more positive and being more consistent in exercise, I have a bunch of xstitching goals/wish list I want to achieve this coming year. Cross stitching is me-time for so many people that it just makes sense to make a resolution that makes you stop and do something for yourself!

Next year, I am going to focus on learning new skills (incorporating different stitches into cross stitch patterns, finishing styles) and finding smaller patterns I like so I can actually finish something. I seem to do a bunch of stitching but no finishes; I need to get my stitching morale up!

One of my favorite things about cross stitching is pattern shopping! I could (and have) spent hours in stores and online buried in pattern searches. Here’s my wish list- that will no doubt grow- for 2015:

  • Heap on the Wood,” by With Thy Needle & Thread
  • Jane Austen & Me (Emma Project)” by The Sampler Girl
  • Sue Bates’ seasonal windows series from The World of Cross Stitching magazine; currently working on Winter.Winter window, cross stitch design
  • an Elizabethan knot garden
  • “Stitchingly Ever After,” by Barbara Ana Designs
  • “Summer Quakers,” by Rosewood Manor
  • “I cannot count my day complete….,” by Lizzie*Kate

Do my lovely fellow stitchers have any stitching goals? Dare I ask, what are some of you top picks for your 2015 wish list? The latter question will probably only make it easier for my own wish list to get bigger!

Happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Stitching Resolutions 2015

  1. oh yes, definitely have a set of goals for 2015. Main goal (as every year) is to try and keep spending down to a minimum and only buy what I really need lol. Of course, this usually goes out the window very early in the year, but we can always live in hope.
    Stitching goals this year will be to continue working on 3 current projects, and maybe add a new project just for some variety.


    • Lol- shopping is too much fun! I want to finish all of my WIPs and add smaller projects for variety as well. It’s so easy to start projects, but there are so many awesome patterns that it’s so hard to finish everything because I keep starting new ones!


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