“Fashion, turn to the left. Fashion, turn to the right.”

Fashion always comes back around. You know that 90s grunge has come back into style, and the 80s are reincarnated as trendy workout clothes in a rainbow of neon. Browsing through the Met’s online collections, I discovered that needlework has been a popular embellishment of clothing in “highly fashionable” societies (I would love to insert a snobby picture of Caroline Bingley here, but I shall refrain). Luckily for us crafters, needlework is making a comeback! You can even purchase a stitchable iPhone case! Please enjoy the gorgeous pieces from yesteryear and their modern counterparts! Most photos from the Met’s collection can be viewed in close detail; just click their links.

Here are some colorful mid-1700s British shoes in flame stitch. The modern interpretation is by Dolce & Gabana. Kind of reminds me of Mary Poppins.

Dresses! Sorry, but any romance reader pictures herself in dresses like these at least once a day. Pick your favorite era to dream in, ladies!

Modern Interpretations:

Lastly, pretty undergarments- a 1760s French silk corset and lingerie by Dolce and Gabana (again).

Happy stitching! Hope this post has left you inspired to create your own wearable pieces!

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