First Finish of the Year

…and I’m OK with that. I am absolutely AMAZED I was able to complete it in a month!

“Christmas Island Santa” from Mill Hill’s Tropical Santas collection

And wow, it was all about the details…



Stitching Journal Pages
First ornament down, 15 more to go (unless the 2018 Santas match the theme):


My “Stitch Maynia” was stitching every day. I did good! Only 3 days off (and it was mostly because of travel).


So what’s next for June?

I am trying to take it slow and easy to keep my stitching stress level at a ZERO. I am also excited that I will be able to visit Stitcher’s Paradise on an upcoming trip (heaven…but I’m budgeting, and I can only take a small bag to fit under the airplane seat!).

  • Start and finish Mill Hill’s “Captain Santa”
  • Complete 1/2 of “Once Upon a Time Sampler” border

Peace, joy, and happy stitching!


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