Trying my hand at coffee dyeing – fabric and two DMC threads I don’t like for two upcoming projects. Fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching!

Update: The coffee wasn’t really working, so I’m now soaking them in very strong bergamot black tea. Seems to be working better so far!

Here’s my results for DMC 972:

Then I went back to coffee and vanilla, so here’s 971: 

2 thoughts on “Experiments!

  1. I vaguely remember tea-dying a piece of fabric years ago; no idea now whether I actually used it for something or not… I like the colors your DMC went to – be sure to let us know when you are using them!


    • Thanks, Karen! I dyed two DMCs for The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow, and those two just did not convert from the silks very well (wayyyy too neon!), so I wanted to try this. Will definitely be using the dyed orange for it. Still on the fence about the yellow for that particular piece but if I don’t use it for Farms, I’ll definitely be using it on something else!


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