Knitting Bug…Again

Hello, stitchers! Lonnnnng time, no reads.
All is well here. Just super busy and very tired. A lot of travel. A lot going down the rabbit hole watching FlossTube (and now knitting podcasts). A lot of reading/audiobooking (on book 9 of Laurie R. King’s Mary Russel-Sherlock Holmes series). A lot binge watching (Penny Dreadful – have to look for a new binge show now). AND I finally set up my “Craft Closet” in the guest room, but that’s another post for another time!

It seems that I’ve been bit by the knitting bug again, and I’m happy to say that it’s going great this time around! I’ve completed one shawl and working on two more:


I love the “On the Moors” shawl. The yarn is a dream to work with, and the pattern is wonderfully written. I’ve been fan of The Sampler Girl since I found her via cross stitch patterns. She has a love of Jane Austen that matches my own, and her podcasts are so charming. Definitely inspiring me to keep going at my knitting— and not be ashamed how obsessed I’m becoming about yarn…. I mean… CONSTANT internet searches….


“On the Fringe! A Simple Shawl to Knit,” by Cindy Colbert (Araucania Alumco Tonal in Hawaiian Glow colorway) P.S.: This one WILL have the self made fringe on it. 


Finished: (No Fringe) On the Fringe! Shawl (Araucania Alumco Tonal in Little Dear colorway). And… I’m interfering with their afternoon nap. This one is now blocking on my kitchen floor because I don’t have a surface big enough!

Oh, and I’m on Ravelry now @doghairstitchery! That’s another lovely rabbit hole to be stuck in. The crafty community always wows me! My knitting wish list has grown so much since joining that website (and some lovely groups as well).

In cross stitch news, I’ve kitted up the enchanting “Dragonfly Sampler” by Wendy Mosbacher from Just CrossStitch (August 2005). I’m just changing one color on this one (the pink)- so it’s exciting to stretch myself and not “color in the lines” and do everything exactly to the pattern. I can’t wait to try out these new stitches in this project!  I’m not sure when I’ll get to pick this one up as my “Halloween Fairy” is my stitching priority at the moment.

And I’m still trying to get the right colors for Barbara Ana’s “All Creatures Great and Small.” I want BRIGHT!

More stash: I got a REAL THREAD DMC color card. LOVE. Why didn’t I get this sooner… totally worth it.



Hope your summer has been full of happiness and crafts!
Happy stitching!

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