Adventures in Needlepoint

 Well we all knew that it would come to this eventually; I’ve started needlepoint. I was browsing my mom’s local needlework store last weekend, and it just hit me: stop being so afraid and just start! I picked up the new Needlepoint Now magazine and found the perfect design! The ladies there were wonderful in helping me gather all of my materials and explaining how to use different types of thread. Anyway- I had a ball just getting everything ready. I’m having even more fun stitching. This is “Twilight,” by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg:
 We have been traveling so much with more trips to come that the dogs are exhausted.  Visited a lot of awesome places plus a handful of knitting (The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop), needlepoint (Stitch Point), and antique shops. I found four textile mill bobbins- aren’t they pretty? I may start collecting. I also bought some beautiful wool (Mechita 850- Archangel) to use for future needlepoint projects and a new owl needle-minder— because we all need more needle-minders.

Happy stitching!

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Needlepoint

  1. Wiehenburg charts for canvas too? I’m working on her XS Dragon Quaker this week! I may need to see if I can find that magazine… I really got addicted to counted canvas a few years ago – Laura J Perrin & From Nancy’s Needle are two of my faves, and I have ordered my first Debee’s Designs, if it ever gets here. I like it because you get to use different threads, and it goes QUICK – unlike most of my huge cross stitch pieces 🙂 I also have Ginny Morrow’s NOVA in the stash – google that one some time – it’s an amazing piece! Enjoy the new addiction!


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