The Sad Case of a Crafty Dr. Frankenstein

As things outside of my house  inche me closer and closer to resume my old agoraphobic habits, the closer I push myself into stitching and other crafts. Unfortunately, these hobbies only reinforce my hermit tendencies and can actually cause me more stress. I keep piling more and more on my proverbial needle arts plate. Perfect example: my over-ambitious (and publicly blogged about) plans of xstitching Christmas presents for EVERYONE. My heart was in the right place, but now I’ve had to cut down to doing only two projects for presents. Even now I am stressed out about about completing (and don’t even talk to me about framing) on time.

Another recent example: prayer shawls. I was OBSESSED and pushed my afghan onto the back burner. Full disclosure: I haven’t even cast-on for the afghan! Me and my heart-in-the-right-place mouth have already promised four prayer shawls to two of the people receiving them. Oh and by the way, I’ve frogged and had to start ALL THE WAY over on my first shawl. Stress: People need these shawls.

When I told my lovely grandma about my crafting issues, she said in her Grand Duchess Saint Grandma Patricia way, “Well, I think you are trying to do too much at one time. -pause- How’s your afghan coming?” Oh, my beautiful, sagacious grandmother! That’s it. I need to calm down in my crafting life because I have WAY TOO MUCH b.s. going on in “real life.”

Stitching is supposed to be a relaxing haven. Something to look forward to and something fun to obsess over. But for me it has become a check off in a to-do list. This isn’t a post about me taking or needing a stitching break; I can’t do that personally at this time in my life. I NEED my stitching as an outlet. This is a post wondering where do you draw the line, and I have no clue.

It seems that we crafters are usually focusing on doing projects for others. Or we have tons of projects going on because we want to (rightly) make things for ourselves too. On top of that, there’s the extremely correct adage, cross stitchers are alway looking for more patterns to do/add to their library. Note: You should see my Wish List, updated almost daily.

I need to make new crafting habits so that stitching can turn back into what I loved. Without expectations. Without stress. With manageable deadlines (ha!).

So thank you for sitting through this odd post. I will be posting some WIP pics next post hopefully. And as a reward for reading, here’s a picture of Belle because no one can feel stressed after looking at dog pictures 😉

Let’s all relax and happy stitching!

8 thoughts on “The Sad Case of a Crafty Dr. Frankenstein

  1. I completely understand what you mean about your wishlist for cross stitching! I absolutely love cross stitching!! I’ve found sooo many patterns on Pinterest! Enjoy your crafting! Don’t stress about it! It’s suppose to be a get-out-of-you-head time.

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  2. I think you need to stop worrying about deadlines and just enjoy each crafting day as it comes. If you find time to finish gifts before Christmas, then great. If you don’t, then just make things at your own pace and offer them as un-Christmas presents later on next year. I too have my list of things I’d like to make before the festive season but most of the future récipients aren’t expecting anything, so if I don’t have time things will be gifted for birthdays or simply as a “I made this for you” gifts for no real occasion.

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  3. I understand this feeling completely! It’s so hard when you start stressing over the finishing and to-do list of crafts and stop enjoying the process. I have to remind myself to stop doing this ALL THE TIME!!! Sigh…

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  4. I know it’s really really hard, but try to remember with every stitch that you have craft hobbies to enrich your wellbeing. I don’t know where to draw the line; I’m the complete opposite to you this year and really am not excited about Christmas and gifting at all. But I totally recommend finding your happy place and having time-out every night with your fav music/podcast/tv and your needles. x

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  5. I like paulinaukland’s recommendation, although I’d recommend an audiobook naturally! I’m thinking your stitching is something you need to concentrate for so that’s not so good, therefore, I’m thinking Inglis’ Lord of the Ring. Because it’s familiar, you don’t really have to pay attention and because it’s Inglis/Tolkien it’s lovely and comforting. Maybe?

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  6. I am one of those people who actually does better with deadlines, though they have to be of MY own making; last year, January 1st, I made a list of things I wanted to be DONE by the end of the year – some of my older WIPs that could conceivably finish in that time frame. And as last year went by, I slowly marked all of those items OFF! Granted, I do very little stitching for others these days, so I don’t have that kind of pressure. Maybe just concentrate on a couple of things that are close to done, whittle down the pile a bit and give yourself a bit of breathing room 🙂

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