Crafting a Neurosis

Hello stitchers!

I hope everyone’s week is going great and has had some time to relax and craft!
Last week, I celebrated my and my BF’s five year anniversary. I made and framed this tatted heart as his present:

It is an “intermediate” pattern, so of course I played that up! 🙂 So– years from now our grandchildren will look at it hanging above our kitchen table or bed and say, “Isnt it romantic that grandma made this for grandpa when they were a-courting?”

ANYWAY I’ve been prepping to begin my afghan. By that I mean rereading the pattern over and over and waiting for my new needles to arrive in the mail. Also I’ve been looking at knitting online and found ANOTHER project to add to my list:

Prayer Shawls! What a beautiful concept. You literally pray over each stitch for a certain someone and give it to them. I’m still a very beginner knitter–only knit, purl, yarn over, and k2tog, please– so it has been fun trying to find patterns to match those skills. I already have someone in mind as the recipient. Most patterns only call for two skeins, so it should be a fast knit, right?

I already added two prayer shawl patterns in my crafting journal to try:

So much stitching and knitting and tatting to do! So happy stitching!

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