Happy Monday, Stitchers!

This weekend we drove a lot: to the beach to celebrate the BF’s birthday, doubled back to go to my parents’ to pick up Belle, and then we drove home. Driving is one of my least favorite things along with being in a car.

Luckily, Bilbo and Belle did wonderful on the car ride home.

Belle is recovering from surgery nicely. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection that is being treated with antibiotics- but happily her appetite is finally back. Also, I finally hit the realization on how much work it is to watch the puppy constantly to make sure she doesn’t get into EVERYTHING. My friends, the Labor Day organizing wasn’t enough! She likes napkins, shoes, socks, paper, the blanket you’re using, her bed, Bilbo’s bed, the carpet, table legs, your feet, her feet, and twigs. I have A LOT more puppy proofing to do.

I have made a little bit of progress on “Knee High” this past week and weekend. I haven’t started my ornaments yet, but I have made a lovely stitching schedule for them that I will share in my next post. 🙂

I’m very thankful that Belle is settling into her new home nicely and is getting her energy and personality back. She likes to follow Bilbo everywhere, but he’s not having too much to do with her at the moment. That’ll change eventually. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great start to their week! Happy stitching!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love that photo of the two of them in the car. Glad that Belle is feeling better. I’m often tempted to get another puppy, so thanks for the reminder of how much work they are!! 😉


    • HA! You’re welcome! 😀 I lucked out with Bilbo being three when I adopted him. I was so used to going to sleep or even going out of the room for that matter without worrying that he’d be up to some mischief. She’ll grow out of it soon hopefully!


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