Labor Day Work

Puppy proofing the craft supplies! This was an absolute “must” to get done today. Usually books and cross stitching are everywhere, but we can’t set her up for failure. The drawers are organized into current xstitch projects, patterns, magazines; tatting and thread; and knitting needles and yarn. On top of the drawers I have more magazines and fabric, boards for mounting, and my pink tackle box of xstitch thread and supplies. I also bought another bookshelf to keep my lovely books safe. 


Mom and Dad visited her this weekend.

AND we finally have a name: Belle. ❀️ Because Beauty & the Beast. Can’t wait to have her home this week!

10 thoughts on “Labor Day Work

  1. Belle is a cutie! Great organizing – between our zoo and my husband the smokestack, I’ve always had to have most of my stuff in some kind of container – lots of Sterilite drawers, and a massive metal 2-drawer lateral file that I bought from work when we moved from one building to another πŸ™‚


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