My New Crafting Love

Dear xstitchers,

Don’t despise me,  but I’ve fallen completely head-over-heels in love with shuttle tatting! I’m taking an online shuttle tatting class from Craftsy with Marilee Rockley. I’m still in the beginning stages of learning so I’m not going to post many pictures until my big order of Lizbeth thread gets here. Then I’m going to go crazy! All of those antique patterns to make! Dreamy!

Here are some pictures of my practice pieces:  
I used to think cross stitcher were few and far between, but then I found you all! However, I’m discovering the majority of people around me haven’t even heard of tatting at all! It’s relatively new- Victorian era, I believe. But this craft is just beautiful! I CANNOT wait to figure out how to incorporate tatting pieces into my cross stitch projects!

 And (finally) speaking of cross stitch- it’s coming along. I have a glorious feeling that I will finish “Knee High” within a week or two. I haven’t started any Christmas ornaments,  but I hope to remedy that soon!

 My knitting has also been getting better! Better enough that I went crazy buying more yarn! That new pattern from my grandma is easy peasy! …Thanks to several times of ripping everything out, even when I’d gotten to the end! Happily, knitting is becoming less and less intimidating

Bilbo even likes knitting! He loves getting tangled up and chewing. Again, we seriously believe he was raised by cats….

I hope everyone has time to stitch and craft during this wonderful weekend!
Happy stitching!

11 thoughts on “My New Crafting Love

  1. Love the pic of Bilbo! Good luck with all of your WIPs. It take good organization and time management to spread out your free time to accomplish all that you do!


  2. There are more tatters out there than you’d expect! It’s making something of a comeback.
    Marilee Rocklee is one of the best! Enjoy! Also looking forard to seeing your next pieces.
    Bilbo is so cute!


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