WIP Wednesday III: Snow Day(s) Edition & Kreinik Thread Trouble

2015-02-24 10.07.43Hello stitchers! I hope you all are staying warm and are able to catch up on some projects. We are on day two of NC’s Snowpocalypse with more on the way tonight! Bilbo has been enjoying this round of snow though- he loves eating it: hence his beard. 🙂

2015-02-24 10.08.01

2015-02-25 17.10.40

I got a little more work done on “Pretty Poppies.” I’m very pleased with my speed of stitching at the moment and hope to keep up the momentum. I’m used to feeling bummed that I stitch very slow. I’m also hoping that it won’t take me forever to do the backstitching. The colors on this project is definitely making it hard to have the winter blues. I haven’t worked on “Fauna” lately (even though I finally got the last of my needed materials in the mail Monday). I’m having trouble using Kreinik #8 braid- what size needle do you recommend using? It won’t fit into the eye of my no. 26 needles. 😦

Also in my Monday’s mail, I received a copy of “Stitchingly Ever After” by Barbara Ann Designs. It is so adorable- so appropriate to our xstitch lifestyle, and I look forward to working on it.

Happy stitching!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday III: Snow Day(s) Edition & Kreinik Thread Trouble

  1. I don’t envy your snowfall. We are finally getting temps in the 40’s and 50 today so our snow is starting to melt away. For the Kreinik, use a needle threader to thread your needle. It will definitely make life easier. Your poppies are looking so beautiful.


    • Thank you so much, Ginny! Kreinik- I do use a threader (best notion ever), but the thread wouldn’t fit into the eye of the needle. I think the pattern called for 3 strands of chunk, non-dividable #8 braid. So I changed it to just one strand that did fit the eye. Is Kreinik #8 braid dividable? Thank you so much for your help! 🙂


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