Local Needlework Store Love

Hello fellow stitchers!

Working on my cross stitch has taken a backseat lately, and I’m slowly bring it back out. Because xstitch is important! Duh! 🙂 I’m currently working mostly on “Fauna The Fairy Witch.” I will post pics as soon as I feel I have made a good dent in it. Again, stitching on paper is so much fun- NO HOOP! I don’t know why that makes me so happy!

Today, BF and I ventured (unplanned) to Pinehurst, NC for a fun jaunt. When I travel, I love to look up the local needlework stores. There is nothing like talking about your craft with people who are equally obsessed with it. We stumbled upon a lovely shop there with a very lovely, kind, and generous owner. Seriously, I could not put enough positive adjectives; God bless her! It is actually a needlepoint-focused store, but she let me go “into the back” and shift through the xstitch patterns that she had. She also pointed me (ha! nice pun) to a nice needlepoint kit for me to begin dipping in to containing mostly french knots which I need way more practice in. I’m exited to learn about working with wool thread. I am very seriously considered taking classes there- worth the drive and not too far away. Nothing beats meeting people like this- having a connection like this, and I feel so blessed.


My haul includes:
-“Caroling Quartet,” by Little House Needleworks
-“The Kings,” by Fanci That; I adore anything Three Kings related
-“Spring Topiary Garden,” by Mirabilia; my FIRST EVER Mirabilia- this is a stitcher milestone or great feat, right?!
-“Little Lamb,” by Carol Peao Currier; this was an exclusive pattern to the shop as the designer is a local! So cool!

I can’t wait to finally update with awesome WIP pics!

Happy stitching!

4 thoughts on “Local Needlework Store Love

  1. oh, I would love a real shop nearby, one where people don’t look at me like a weirdo for using hand dyed threads and linens. seriously!
    I’m glad you found one that is not too far, and your stash acquisitions look very nice, I do have three Mirabilia charts but haven’t kitted up any yet. for some stupid reason they intimidate me.
    my only issue with perforated paper is that you have to use 2/3 plies to stitch on it – that’s not my thing. other than that it’s SO much fun, and I have a boatload of Mill Hill kits. I also stitched the Three Magi they made a few years ago, you should check them out in the Gallery I have in my blog, you’d really LIKE that! 😀


    • Awesome! The three ply threw me off a bit with the perforated paper because I’m not use to how that feels with a needle. The Mill Hill Three Magi kits are so beautiful! I will definitely add that to my wish list! Thank you so much!

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  2. I love going to stitch shops when we travel too! Looks like you got great stuff!
    Looking forward to seeing your needlepoint. French knots stress me out!!!


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