Goal: Just Stitch It


Hello all! My, it’s been awhile. Sadly, I have no new progress photos of all this time. Life feels empty when you don’t pick up needle and thread. I’ve been searching for a new job, minor surgery (with one more round to go), and overall blahs. I’ve enjoyed following everyone’s updates! They are all definitely inspiring. 🙂 My goal for this month is to stop and just stitch. No matter how I’m feeling.

Fortunately, I’ve had Bilbo to keep up with. Here’s a pic of him after a much needed (and very hated by him) bath. He’s ready to get out of the parking lot and be free (to get dirty again)!

I hope to check in soon. Happy stitching!

3 thoughts on “Goal: Just Stitch It

  1. your dog’s name’s BILBO??!! where have you been all my life??!! 😀
    I’m glad you are back to stitching, it really is the best therapy. I hope you can deal with the surgery as smoothly as possible, and that you find a very good job ASAP – I know your pain!
    big hugs,


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