Ready for the Weekend

photo 1

Hello xstitchers! I hope you’re staying warm in this cold snap. Bilbo’s been doing a lot of napping since it’s too cold for him to go outside and play. I’ve been getting in very little stitching time- work, housework, travel, etc. Hopefully I can hermit myself in this weekend and get a nice chunk of my “Poppies” project done.

My sick-days shopping package came in the mail yesterday! I haven’t started the new project, but I have started to gather my materials and making a list of what I need (also, another favorite thing about cross stitching- I have WAY too much fun organizing before starting a new project!).

photo 2

Pattern: “Fauna: The Fairy Witch,” by Brooke’s Books Publishing, Brooke Nolan. I love owls, so that caught my eye at first. I also have never stitched on perforated paper. This pattern is completed on two sheets of paper, so there’s a cool stackable/3D effect. There is beading (never done before), ribbon, sparkle- I just can’t wait to get started!
Needle minder: This is my first notion. It is made of wood, has a nice 3D texture, and has the word, “Stitch” on the thimble band.

I hope you all finish out the work week strong and are ready for a nice, quiet weekend of stitching and rest!

As always, happy stitching!

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