Xstitch Shopping- My Other Favorite Hobby

I have been so sick with sinus issues that I have had no time or energy for any cross stitching. 😦
So, instead I shopped for cross stitching! 🙂

I’ve been on Etsy where I purchased an awesome little perforated paper pattern that has beads and braids- first time I’ll be stitching on paper and shockingly I’ve never used beads in any of my other projects. I also purchased my first needleminder!

I also have my eye on a few Barbara Ann Designs at 123stich.com.

Where are your favorite places to shop for xstitch patterns/supplies?

4 thoughts on “Xstitch Shopping- My Other Favorite Hobby

  1. everyone knows that buying cross stitch is just what the doctor ordered ^^
    I love Barbara Ana too, but have only stitched her free designs up until now. Quite a few of those available on Cyberstitchers in case you didn’t know.
    I also like 123stitch but tend to buy more from sewandso, because living in France, the UK is closer therefore quicker for postage


    • I’ve never heard of Cyberstitchers- thanks for the recommendation! The UK seems to have the best cross stitch stuff- I love all of their magazines- I have to pay over $10 at Barnes and Noble’s though for them.


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