Elizabeth Parker Sampler

Elizabeth Parker Sampler

A cross stitched confession, 1830s. “…what will become of my soul”
Wonderful article on her ups and downs, BUT she got through it all.

When I think about the needle arts, I think of this piece. When I think about how humans need creative outlets, I think of this piece. Elizabeth couldn’t write, so she used the only way she knew how to communicate her story. This must have taken her such a long time to complete. I don’t think that I can fully articulate the beauty of this work or my own wonder at its creation.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Parker Sampler

  1. I am amazed at this stitching! It must have taken her a long time to complete. I had never heard of her story, but am glad to hear that she lived a normal life to the age of 76. I wonder if she ever did any other stitchings. They would be beautiful if she did.Thanks for sharing this story.


    • I’m so glad she seemed to have a good, long life too.I love researching stitchers- especially the time periods when needlework seemed to be a woman’s only outlet.


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