Hello, Xstitchers…

…And welcome to my little patch of the internet! My name is Amy, and I am a 20-something year old contractor in NC. I started The Dog Hair Stitchery as a way to reach out to other cross stitchers after a long and fruitless search to find others with this passion. This is also my way to help keep this art alive. I remember when I used to watch my mom cross stitch when I was little. I remember when she taught me how to cross stitch when I was in my early teens. I will always think about these precious moments, especially as I start to think about doing the same to my nieces, nephews, family, and friends, (and maybe my own children one day). At The Dog Hair Stitchery, we can all hopefully connect to share tips, project progress, encouragement, and all that fun, happy stitch stuff (I mean, how cute are all of these notions nowadays!).

Now, without further ado, let me introduce the pet that inspired the name and is inadvertently apart of all the threads and fabrics of my stash…Bilbo!

2014-06-16 16.25.21

He likes to be in the middle of everything- including the first time my mom showed my niece how to do her first cross stitch.

2014-10-01 20.34.14

Feel free to comment and drop by. You can reach me here on WordPress or on Twitter @bookosaurus_rex.

Happy Stitching!

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